What is an ATA certified translator?

translation-rates-per-wordAn ATA accredited translator is a linguist who’s a part of the ATA and contains passed their examinations. The exam is only based on language knowledge and translation skills and doesn’t have anything to do with the essentials of this USCIS for example. No, a translator does not need to become a part of the ATA to present accredited translation for immigration.

What’s an ATA accredited translation firm?

A translation firm could say their will to combine the ATA for a member. If the ATA takes the business, it is going to give it manhood standing along with a webpage on their site.

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After conditions apply:

We’ll interpret and certify your files just for the United States;

  • Translation from some other language to English;
  • The deal is only valid before the conclusion of this month.

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Also, we guarantee 100% approval by USCIS. The Only thing we must make clear is that we’re just doing the translation task for those files that are in a different language, yet have to be interpreted into English, to be utilized only in America. Ever since other Nations have various requirements about translation, we’re only able to give an official translation to the USA.

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